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QlikView Boot Camp Releasing Soon

Hi All, a new QlikView Developer and Designer course will be released in approximately 2 weeks.

The course covers many topics in detail; for example ...

# Associative Data Modelling and schema types, avoiding synthetic keys and circular references

# Scripting Joins in the data loader

# ETL including SCD Type 2 coding, Incremental load scripting

# Dashboard development and functional enrichment

# Set Analysis

# The magic of variables (e.g. Performing What-If analysis)

# Ranking using Aggr()

# Data Visualisation best practices

# Practice projects and quizzes

# Extensive real world sample data

# Results based graded certificate of achievement to showcase your effort

# And much more...

These are just a few of the topics , this course will take a BI Developer to a high level of competence ready to take on project challenges within their organisation.

The course will be a 'LIVING COURSE' with life time access which means new topics will be added periodically, hence the course content will remain relevant and valuable to the student.

What's the Cost $ ? , In keeping with my ethos that cost should not be a barrier to education, I can say that it will be low cost with high quality, more details soon.

All lectures are recorded in 1080p (HD) with HD Sound and Closed Captions

Stay tuned :)


Paul (Scotchy)

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