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Happy 2017 to everyone

A belated Happy New Year to all. I have been so busy with client work and fielding support for my many students (over 17,000 now across 3 Courses) , I admit I have been remiss at keeping momentum within my blog.

Anyway, just to announce major work coming up ...

1: QlikSense 3.2 has hit the ground and my QlikSense course will start getting a make over late next week and as it is updated I will post here on the blog.

2: Very soon I will release 2 SQL courses (1 Free, 1 Value Priced) on the same site as the QlikSense course, so stay tuned.

3: By late 2017 I will have a comprehensive QlikView developer course ready for release, I've had a lot of requests for this course to be developed, so now I will do it.

4: In the skunk works is a Cloud based app that will make the Developer's job in QlikSense and QlikView much easier , more of that later in the year.

Grab the latest QlikSense for download here.

Stay tuned, Stay safe, Enjoy life :)

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