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I'm stoked to announce my latest affordable $50 course is now online...

Hey everyone,

I have released my new course for those that want to understand and use SQL for data analytics in their day to day data discovery tasks, yep cheap to enroll but the value is worth $1000's !

I built the course to cover those gnarly topics that seem to go unanswered such as how to use the APPLY statement, so many blogs ask what is the use of APPLY, well derrr !

It's very powerful especially if you don't want to insert correlated subqueries in your code body !

Anyhow, go and check the course curriculum and see what it has to offer, the lectures are comprehensive and include tons of sample data and scripts for download as well as loads of prac work to get your hands dirty with.

Click the image to check it out , any questions just email me ...

#SQL #Training #Dataanalytics #OuterAPPLY

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