Awari dates back to 2011 originally formed as a vehicle to deliver another vendor data visualisation product, however in 2015 the company was rebranded in accordance with it's core business mission, which is to deliver cost effective , timely and accurate data visualisations using QlikSense and QlikView as well as very affordable training, see my training page here.


This is a commitment to the Qlik product set, as being a specialist provider of services with this technology ensures a depth of knowledge and no distractions with other products which would result in diluted solutions.


We are based in Brisbane, Qld. But we can be on site anywhere.


ABN 41 149 168 383



Our Team, well, me !
Paul Scotchford, Data Analyst (and joggerholic) | Phone: 0408 779 685

I have a long career history in IT, it all started in 1969 when I went to summer school at Anglia Ruskin University (prev known as  CIAT in UK) where I learned to write fortran. It set the seeds for my career path, a long way from my original desires to be an airline pilot (but I do have a private pilot licence) 


Anyway, a long story short, in 2003 I started delving into data analysis and visualisations, but more importantly in late 2012 I discovered QlikView, that's when I knew I had to specialise in this product, and it was easy, I was already into data viz and had a programming background as QlikView provides strong flexibility via powerful scripting (which is VBscript based on steroids).


In 2014 I was able to evaluate a beta of QikSense server, I was not sure at first, but studied it further and fell in love with it.


In March 2015 then spent 3 months putting a Online QlikSense developers course together to share my enthusiasm for the product, to date there are more than 120 Students enrolled in my course.


I have connections with many Qlik experienced specialists, hence I can arrange for engagement into your specific project(s).
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